Na naših spletnih straneh uporabljamo piškotke, s pomočjo katerih izboljšujemo Vašo uporabniško izkušnjo in zagotavljamo funkcionalnosti, ki jih brez piškotov ne bi mogli nuditi.

About us

Ormož Adult Education Centre offers formal, non-formal and informal education for adults. We strive to prepare diverse activities for our members. Adults can finish primary school, vocational school or change their profession. Besides that, we offer computer and foreign languages courses, certificates for forklift operators, CNC machine operators, dieticians and similar for companies or for individuals.

We established Intergenerational Learning Centre and The University for Third Age (U3A) to promote learning in all life ages and to promote socializing and learning among different generations. Through these Centres we carry out various informal activities like craft workshops, herbalism, personal growth workshops and others. The whole programme is based on volunteers, who run the workshops.

We pay special attention to vulnerable groups like elderly, long-time unemployed, women and non-EU foreigners.

Ormož Youth Centre has been a department of Ormož Adult Education Centre since 2015. Our youth programme is focused on children, pupils and students to partake in informal education and leisure activities, to socialize and to be creative. The main aims of our youth programmes are creative spending of free time, informing and advising, youth mobility and volunteering.

We help young people by preparing workshops and lectures on the following topical issues: self-image, unemployment, violence among youth and domestic violence, addictions, (juvenile) delinquency, intolerance, school dropout, running from home, etc. We find it of great importance to engage youth to talk about their experiences, fears or opinions.

The Youth Centre prepares a wide array of activities every month, most of them are intended for young people, but some are also for adults and local societies. The Centre cooperates with different local institutions, clubs, societies and organizations. Our Youth Centre is an integral part of our community since it enriches the lives of the young.

We are interested in participating in different European projects. We can offer our support by organizing and hosting different events, preparing material and writing reports. If you are in search of a partner, contact us immediately.


We are a member of Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres.


Ljudska univerza Ormož
Vrazova ulica 12
2270 Ormož

Telefon: 02 741 55 00
Mobitel: 070 766 976

Uradne ure
ponedeljek-petek: 8.00 - 12.00
sreda: 15.00 - 17.00

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